How Some Things Don't Lose Value Even In Incompleteness

The streaming music from Ann Voskamp's website plays on repeat.  It soothes me tonight as I wait for my mind to uncoil after a long day of trying to figure out solutions to the problems in the workplace.  I have no definite answers in hand.  All I have are more questions and the fading of strength as I try to renew my mind and overcome the worldliness of needing to achieve something.  Trying to learn how to let go of that compulsion of "figuring something out".  Learning how to accept that some battles are not meant to be won just now.  

We barely achieved much today but explaining that to those whose hawk eyes are unrelenting as they pass our floor to and fro is quite a feat.  So today I try to close in a prayerful disposition and lift up those who are hard to get along and convince that people did work hard today.  The mishaps occur because it is normal for teams to have a difficult time especially when everybody is trying to adjust.  While these reasons are often misunderstood and the "excuses" are often not deemed valid, I still hope that one day the time will come when even in the dire circumstances in the market place, truth can prevail.  Hopefully, this can be recognized.

I'm not so sure how well I tried to carry the poustinia in me today.  I tried.  So now, I just rest on the photograph I took of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.  Reflecting on how this masterpiece has been left unfinished for the past 100 years.  How its value has never diminished despite its incompleteness.

Sagrada Familia taken in Barcelona, Spain
Europe Tour 2005


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