Justifying Investments and Standing Up for People

Today was better.  Two hours until it ends, I've finished 5 papers for investment justifications and put my heart out on the last one which encapsulated what I wanted to push forth the most.  Moving for commensurate compensation for our hardworking tenured staff.  It's different when you're pushing from an HR department perspective.  It feels very distant compared to if you're pushing because they are your staff and you know they deserve more than what they're getting now.  Sometimes when you've repeated to yourself that you're an HR practitioner, there is that feeling of indifference when you start encountering all these people issues day in and day out.  I've left the HR post since July of this year and was moved to the frontline of a strategic business unit and I can say that I continue to carry the flag of promoting the equity of human capital investments.

In all the rush of trying to grab the business opportunities, we can easily lose sight of those who walk with us in the journey.  It's simple.  People have value.  Let's not discount them for it.  

The past 3 years working in this environment have told me one thing:  I'll always stand up for people.  Those who deserve better.  Those who are financially in need.  Those who are emotionally downtrodden. Those who are overworked and fatigued.  Those are who are misunderstood.  Those who have lost their chances.  Those who are deprived of dreams.  I'll always stand up for people.  I don't know why.  It's not an easy mission to respond to but something inside me just can't stop responding to this cry.  

I'm not sure if my voice is loud enough where I am.  Hopefully, whatever I'm doing, I'll eventually be heard in one way or another.


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