Visiting La Belle Aurore Bookshop and Parlor Treats

Today was a special day for me because I got to do "girly" things with my sister and my Mom.  I rarely go to the parlor and have my hair and nails done because I don't have time but Mom decided to treat all of us to a parlor day.  It was quite relaxing and it occurred to me that I'd like to have more moments like these with my family.  Lighthearted and peaceful.  

For many years, I've always been the subject of contempt from hairdressers because I've always wanted to dye my hair black.  No undertones or overtones.  Just black.  My hair is naturally black but because of its frizziness and the humid Philippine weather, it grows out from its colored dye of either burgundy or chestnut brown, into a dull colored shade of brass.  Since I look very Asian, they said that to dye it just black would make me look plain or some would say, I would look too sharp featured.  

Five years ago, I would probably have agreed with them but at this point, I suppose I'm in this phase wherein I'd just like things simple.  Not plain.  But simple.  Finally, put my foot down on black haircolor.

On the way home we passed by my favorite second hand bookshop, La Belle Aurore.  When I saw this place 2 years (or so) ago, it occupied literally a hole in a wall.  But what struck me about this place was its name and the victorian looking font on their entrance that said "Books".  This bookshop has a special place for me because one of my poems have been tacked to one of its walls. It was a special request from the owner to send him a handwritten copy.  I am terribly addicted to books.  I shop for books more than I shop for clothes.  I love the smell of books.  I love looking at stacks of books.  I love leafing through the pages and just reading the words that don't have to make sense to me at first glance.  I love talking about books.  I love discovering interesting books.  And since I've been on a bookshop daydream for the past 2 weeks, I just had to satisfy my need to be inspired by visiting La Belle Aurore.  

I've seen that they've grown their biography, memoirs and journal collections.  This year, I got myself Robert Frost's Letters to add to my writer diaries collection.  


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