The Word that Keeps Us Together

Reading Ann Voskamp's blog this morning has given me hope in my current situation of being sifted in an experiencing of transition and the changing faces of relationship.  Admittedly it has been difficult to get into the Christmas spirit with all the work that has piled up and all the issues that I have faced.  From my  Google Reader, her post's title cried out for attention.

"when its hard to believe in miracles this Christmas."

She wrote about her visit to the exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  I liked this part the most.
“I thought they would be one long scroll,” a son murmurs. 
“I didn’t know they’d look so… ” 
“Fragile.” His brother finds the word for him. 
“Oh, but see…” I slowly trace the outline of the fragment on the glass.   
“Aren’t these the strongest Words ever written? Words that have beaten back time, that have spoken of Him beyond time Who steps into time, to deliver us out of time… Centuries of humanity building lives on these very words… and they hold. Don’t let the tatters fool you, boys. There were never stronger, surer words — they’ve held the universe together.”
This is one of those days when I remember how much I have discovered through God's words.  I've missed finding meaning in the living words of my faith.   Today I remember that though things can be visibly fragile, what gives them strength is not of this world.  What gives them the lasting power that surges through the veins of every believer that followed Christ,  is the fact that even if what held them together, the prophets, the witnesses--were fragile--the experience of the miracle lasted forever.


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