I'm wondering how it is that I can still stand through this exhaustion.  My weariness surrounds me like a cloak.  It comes from all sides.  The quietness of peace gets stolen every now and then and I just sit still and watch it all go.  The circumstances feel like this brewing storm and I don't know where the wind will carry me.  I only follow the way.  The path.  That anchors me to the Hope that will not disappoint.  

The morning bears the truth as it hears my prayer.  I find myself into another day of work and toil and hope that God will make all things new.  A time of a refreshing.  A time of breakthrough.  Still, it comes slowly.  It comes minute by minute.  It's not like a big gust of wind that ruffles the leaves and shakes the trees.  No.  It creeps like a tiny bird on the grass.  It whispers like the sunrise.  It passess by like a cloud unnoticed.


  1. I hear you. I feel you. Trying to keep my eyes and ears open to the gradual workings of grace.


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