A Reflective Pause

This morning I enter into this yearning for quiet.  The thoughts are swimming in my head in an unruly discord.  There are questions I need to ask but remain stifled from all the noise of expectations and obligations.  

I decided to spend some time quietly enjoying my favorite cup of Starbucks coffee.  Just drawing from the familiar rhythm of getting into the part of my mind where stillness has not left.  Going through the motions of getting settled.  Laying my laptop on the table.  Surveying the emptiness of the second floor and relishing the lack of ambient noise.  Getting captivated with the sun's rays on my favorite corner and slowly leafing through the pages of my journal.

Writing settles me down.  It pins down my thoughts and keeps them from swirling around.  So I enter into this rhythm today to sort out the questions that need answers and to find peace in just knowing the questions and that some of them will never get answered.


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