Tabernacle Letters: To a Savior I come to know and love (i)

Dear Beloved,

I write this to you tonight in the silence.  Pondering upon the conversations I had with two friends in the most unlikely of places.  I write this to you tonight because I want to tell you how it has been such a breather to be able to talk about you with people who long to experience you the same way I do.  I've missed it.  This connection that tells me you are moving in our lives even in the ordinary moments of everyday and you move with so much grace that we need to really slow down or else we'll miss it.  We'll miss you.  

I am glad that tonight was slow enough for us to pay attention to your voice that spoke through each other.  How it washed away the anxiety of this past week!  How it gave the assurance of a promise for breakthroughs!  How it gave us the much needed peace.  How it has made me long for more of this peace.  How it makes me wish that I do not have to be separate from it and how I wish it pervades my everyday.  I often lose touch with you when I'm busy and filled with interactions that take a lot of effort to appease.  But I know you are bigger than this distress and I hope you continue to find me in the midst of the busy-ness and rescue me from what steals my silence.  

Yours always,



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