From My Journal | 8th of June 2011

From my journal: written on June 8, 2011 9:33pm 

My public writing rhythm has stopped much to my regret and as much as I want to try and conquer the challenges that face me at work, a bigger part of me still wishes that I can just write, for a living.  But I have lost all things to say.  The voice again silenced and perhaps it's not that voice that should be refined or further defined right now.  I just really wish I could be surrounded by a more meaningful life.

When fighting for the meaning of my existence doesn't have to be crossing somebody else's disposition and just send them packing.

There's nothing beautiful to write about these days and I am slowly starting to feel pained because it feels that I no longer know how to look at beautiful things.


  1. Thanks for sharing such an honest piece of self-reflection, Kathy. How do those emotions you expressed last June compare to your current attitude toward writing?

    Have a wonderful weekend. :)

    1. Actually it was quite serendipitous to find myself flipping through my journal this afternoon and land on this entry. My mind has been restless as of late because I could not find a way to express myself as articulately as I would have wanted to.

      I suppose I am still trying to find that writing voice and it fades every now and then especially when I get busy at something that is not conducive in nurturing the creativity that is needed for this voice to come out. Hopefully this weekend will give me that time again. :)

      Thanks for dropping by Rachel!


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