Soaked Up in Music

The whole morning has been spent soaking up on worship music.  I've forgotten how I respond to music.  I forgotten how music has always been a breathing space that unlocks, unravels, unleashes all the residue of burdensome circumstances that filled my days.  I've forgotten how music helps me wade through the thoughts that clash against each other aching to produce some sense.

If the act of writing helps me figure out what's going on in my life and in my world, music helps me sit through everything in a posture of reverence and trust. The desperation that arose from the busy work weeks have finally led me to admit, I am thirsty for liberation.  I am thirsty for freedom.

These are songs I have just discovered within the past 12 hours and have miraculously breathed life back into me after the passing of so many weary days.  


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