A Possible Hiatus

It's been too long.  My words have become an empty longing.  And I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this blog right now.  

The days have increasingly become tiring.  My work has been too toxic.  And I've ran out of words to describe it.  My thoughts come out in short phrases.  In desperately captured sentences.  And most of the time what I see, I can only capture in digital polaroids.  

I wonder why I often lose my thoughts to busy-ness.  I have been praying for a new breakthrough.  A new environment.  A new experience.  But, I'm still in waiting.  

I hope you can pray for me while I wait.  While I sort things out.  And while I try to remain steadfastly clinging on to grace.  For that is all I have today.


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    1. Thank you for your prayers Owen. I dabble with the simple writing rhythm in a small Tumble Log for your possible interest. http://mybeinginhim.tumblr.com

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    3. I shall link my Tumblr to Google+ perhaps so comments can be facilitated in a way. :) I'm excited for you Owen! I shall visit that. And I will definitely visit the authenticcatholicism site at Wordpress. Wonderful things are going for you. I can only hope that this area of my life will flourish again. :)

  2. Keep writing Kathy... your voice is too beautiful to be kept silent.

    1. Hi Di, thank you for your kind words. :) I shall try. :)

  3. Not sure if my comment went through????


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