Awakened to His Hope

Today is the 9th day of Awaken.  And I find myself at a pause pondering over these words "He sees us in our fullness--no part of us is unawake to Him."

I led such a tiring day.  In fact my weariness started last night.  I had some issues to settle and the work today seemed to just pile up with so much urgency that even if I had wanted to slow down and appreciate my remaining days before a month long vacation, I couldn't slow down.  I have asked myself what it would take to just find the balance I need to appreciate this life.  This pace.

When the busy-ness starts to eat up your waking moments, it becomes this creature that controls.  Then you start to forget that there were more important things to be preoccupied with than all these anxieties. I forgot the peaceful rhythm because I had wanted to "get things over with" and with that felt the impatience for unresolved issues creeping in.  Peace has been robbed and for most of the day, it looked like the "thief has won".

But I am grateful for reflections such as tonight's.  For it puts me in that place again where I am made to awaken to the truth that despite all these things that clutter my day, it doesn't change how I am seen in God's eyes.  He fills my gaps.  He makes me whole.  He cleans my clutter.  He keeps me together.  And it's not something that have to do it by myself.

I am pursued by these encouraging words,

"We know that when He appears, we will be like Him, because we will see Him just as He is.  And everyone who has this hope fixed on Him purifies Himself. (1 John 3:2-3)

I am encouraged that even when I couldn't entirely keep myself together and have most likely made a mess of a few things, when I turn to Him I will see Him and HE will reveal His goodness & His love.  By transfixing my hope on Him, my mess, this internal clutter that needs constant sorting out is made smoothened out and made clean.

In then end, I touched the tassle of His cloak.  The hope that is His.


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