Five Minute Friday: Grateful for Journeys

I quietly make my way to my desk and stare across the room at my couch filled with things ready for packing.  They're all in there.  My clothes and what not.  Ready to be packed in a suitcase and go to Europe.  It hasn't quite sunk in yet that I will be experiencing this after a long time.  I haven't really been to a foreign place twice and this is my first time to experience going to some of the places in Europe a second time.  

I'm looking forward to that feeling of knowing a little bit about the place and not being a complete stranger to it.  There is something very warm and comforting about being somewhat familiar with the first scene that you see as you step out of the airport.  The distinct smell of the air and the muffled chatter of people passing by.  The different shades of green and orange hues of trees changing color in the fall.  


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