Gratitude for Things

Today was gratitude day.   For the first moment where I take in that deep breath and say "I'm on a vacation."  The breath is a slow inhale and exhale.  None of the hurriedness that forces me to jump from one minute to the next without thinking or seeing.  Today I try to count, though slowly, the things that bless me and on top is the delightful moment of eating french toast at the UCC cafe without worrying how many emails had I not read or if I was running late for a meeting. 

Today was gratitude for seeing a sweet enchanting swirl on the creamy caramel froth of coffee that was warm on my lips and just about right for the morning. Sipping while quietly reading through words of encouragement from women who knew their way and found moments of grace in every single thing they saw.  I thought to myself, I want to be like them someday.  

Today was gratitude for the time I was free to roam around my favorite bookstore without thinking that I only had an hour for lunch & this breathing space was just a stolen moment in the middle of the day.  It was gratitude for finding this book that now helps me confirm the prodding and the urging to move forward & answer the call for a beautiful adventure that is His. 

And as the day ends I still remain grateful for people who have found the time to share what they were grateful about.  How they found the enlightenment to see beyond everyday challenges and discover that there is this thing called grace that turns every mess into a miracle and every pain into purpose.  I am grateful for these moments because of how scarce they have been & now I know that they're such a treasure to have.  


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