Just Opening My Eyes to See

I used to do this every Saturday morning when the rhythm of my life was right.  I'd get my camera and go around the house and look for things I can capture and find beauty in. Since I'm heading to Rome in a few days, I'm thinking that I need to get back into the habit again.

I was just telling my friend Toni this morning how significant it has been for us to have started our love for photography during our dorm days in business school.  It began as a camera phone hobby to help us through our daily pressures.  It became a treasure hunt & each photograph became a valuable expression of our dependence on God because how we are seeing the world with new eyes.

I try to begin again.  And I'm fumbling with it.  But irregardless of how I've taken these pictures, it doesn't really matter if its perfect.  What matters is that my heart changes with every click of shutter.

It is in every corner I turn that I yearn to see grace.  It is in every hidden treasure and the discovery of an enchanting moment that I breathe that slow breath of thanksgiving.  It is in these moments of really paying attention that our eyes truly learn how to see.

Now I come to realize why I have been so off-center the past couple of years.  I haven't had the time to work up a good rhythm of being able to do this.  Unfortunately, circumstances have really taken over and I can only ask the Lord for mercy that when I return from my pilgrimage He will carry me into a rhythm of gracefulness.

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