The Journey back to Rome

I am set to travel to Rome tomorrow to participate in the canonization of the second Filipino saint, Blessed Pedro Calungsod.  I have been waiting for this trip for several months and did not even think I'd get this opportunity again.  I'll be traveling with family to visit several cities in Europe and taking them in a second time around. 

This moment I feel blessed.  That despite the difficulties I've faced the past few years, the pilgrim's journey always culminates into that wonderful realization that indeed "all things work together for the good of those who love God."  

I understand that a little bit more today.  My mind stayed on the words of Isaiah and his 53rd chapter.  The promises that fill his prophesies of an abundant life.  

Despite those things I felt I've lost because of so much pressures in the work environment, today I find myself gaining Christ and like Paul, today I can say this is all that matters. 

Note: Blogging will slow down in the coming days and hopefully will resume in by the middle of November. 


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