The week ends for me.  The blessed week filled with quiet spaces and longer breaths.  The week that gave me the pause  to rest tired pilgrim feet.  The week that gave me the time to think about everything again and finger printed photographs and let the memories fuel my own spirit's restoration.

All I needed was the quietness to hear my soul speak.  The quiet to hear the voice of God.  And I rise from the silence to find the words to speak here in this space all that I've heard.  To write all that I am beginning to believe.


  1. Your writing is very poetic, it left me wanting to know more about your quiet week. Where did you spend it? What did you do? What a great intro! I wish you more such weeks as we head into the holiday rush. Peace be with You!

    1. Oh thank you for stopping by Jennifer! I actually just came back from a pilgrimage in Europe. Instead of going back to work right away I allowed myself to have one more week just to gather myself and all the memories of my journey. I'm in a life transition right now and I went to the pilgrimage so that I can listen to where God wants me to go. I haven't entirely gotten that figured out down to the last detail but I know He wants His peace to pervade me life.

      I checked on your blog and it looks like we're blog neighbors here in blogger! So I'll make sure to stop by and perhaps have a conversation or two. :)

  2. I am glad you were able to have a week of quiet and rest and stillness and silence. May it give you the boldness you need to go on from here and grow in faith.

    1. Hi Rebekah, so great of you to stop by. I also checked your blog and could not help but be delighted that you're reading "A Circle of Quiet" by Madeleine L'Engle. I read it last year and was really blessed by the soulful rhythm of her introspection. I remember annotating so much in that book that I might have to pick it up again so that I can remember those calm phrases that rocked me into a peaceful state.


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