Staying Still in the Moment

It's the last few minutes before I can exclaim "Thank God it's Friday!".  Usually I'd hurry to wrap up and get my stuff packed so I can rush out and breathe the night air to end the work week.  But this afternoon I'm taking it slow.  This was my first week back since my vacation and I've been challenged to keep my joy and my peace.

I would say that I almost lost.  With the things that I've encountered and the issues that have piled up.  I could have easily let those burdens bury me beneath.  Whatever joy I've received and whatever peace I've embraced could have easily been stolen.

This morning I suffered an almost losing struggle to my own feeling of "annoyance".  I was running late because I had so many things to prepare and I had to pass by carpoolers on the way to work.  I was running late for my mentoring session and I didn't want to be.  But I was.  Yet, that was my first encounter this Friday with grace.  My mentor said, "No problem."  Appeased with this I was one pain point down.  I could breathe a little.

Succeeding issues with wrong information passed on to client and a staff's shortcoming on a job turnover.  The client calls and asks for explanations.  I didn't know how to explain or make right a mistake.  All we could do was admit and learn.  And that we did.  And the client says, "No problem. Just learn from it and make sure it doesn't happen again."  Another pain point down.

No problem.  Today I realized that sometimes those things that I think are a problem are not problems.  Sometimes it is my inability to surrender and receive grace that puts me in a moment of anxiety which enlarges or exaggerates the circumstance and makes it a problem.  But the Cross-Bearer gives me room to breathe and carries my burden in order to save me from my own woes.  He is indeed the freedom that I seek.

To stay still enough in a moment of tension gives you the courage to find your way to peace.

It's 3 minutes past 6:30 and I'm ready to go and have fun tonight.


  1. It's hard sometimes to stay still in those moments of tension. Trying to focus on God in those moments is something I am continually working on. Thanks for your words today! Happy Friday!

    1. Hi Jolene! I pray that the strength of God be with you during your times of tension. Thank you for visiting! :)

  2. "To stay still enough in a moment of tension gives you the courage to find your way to peace." Yes!

  3. Stay still. Know God. Know Peace. Everywhere you turned it was written!!! Happy for you.

    1. Hi Paula, yes! God's words are faithful and it's only been recently that I've yielded to this truth. It hasn't been easy but it's been worth it. Blessings to you!


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