Grace Finds Everyday

On the way to Avila was this town that looked like a painting right off a museum wall.  I didn't have to do a lot with this photograph except snap the shutter before the bus rolled away from the view.  I loved the fact that it was very rural and the colors of their homes fit so nicely with the colors of the earth.  The steeple of a church peeked in to the frame and I delighted in the discovery of this landscape. 

I have been nostalgic about Europe lately.  One week of reminiscing after the trip was not enough.  My scrapbook hasn't moved after a few pages.  There are still so many things to write about and remember. But there is just no time.  The pace of life quickly changes and I am here to make firm my anchor on grace. 

When you leave an experience that just filled you to the brim you begin to hunger for these moments and wish it were an everyday thing.  Unfortunately, it isn't.  I'm left with jam packed traffic in city streets.  The height of tall skyscrapers overbearing.  The ringing of cellphones that need to be answered in a rush.  Again, this pace called busy becomes a frantic rhythm that attempts to steal my strength. 

When will the cycle end?  When will the rhythm change?  When will it go back to the meaningful pace I found just 3 weeks ago?  

It won't.  Days keep moving forward and there is no rewind.  And I can keep wishing for the days in Europe where I was surrounded with an environment that helped me find peace.  But it will never be the same.  It will never go back to those days and all I have is tomorrow.  And all that's been will always be yesterday.

The gospel of Matthew (chapter 6:35) talks about tomorrow's worries being enough for itself.  So he points out a strong command.

Do not worry about tomorrow.  

It is not easy to give up the cycle of worrying.  It's a default in this modern times.  And I worry endlessly about so many things.  The issues that need to be solved.  The young people I've failed to listen to.  The employees I haven't reached out to.  The reports that need to be written.  The health I have been neglecting.  The list is endless.  

But writing this down today reminds me that I have to stop worrying about tomorrow and surrender today to the Father of time. 


  1. Wow, I really liked your perspective here. Not sure exactly what grabbed me, or just your general point of view... Thanks!

  2. When you leave an experience that just filled you to the brim you begin to hunger for these moments and wish it were an everyday thing.

    oh friend, i know. i often yearn for those moments, and find myself discontent. i love how you associated this with worry. with rest. i'm so glad you linked with imperfect prose! e.

    1. Thank you for visiting Emily. Your page give me inspiration to continue on this journey.


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