The Gift of Surrender

I don't know why I seem to always have time to write on a Thursday where the day always starts the quietest compared to the rest of the days in the week.  

It has been an eventful week for me.  I have finally taken the big leap of deciding to leave my current job and open up myself to receive a new one.  So many things flash back before me  in the past few days.  I've also received forlorn messages from people who I've worked with saying that they will miss me.  I've seen tears in their eyes when they heard the news.  It's affirming to know that I've managed to make an impact on some people here and I will always treasure it for keeps. 

I'm moving on  into a new chapter of my life where I begin again and hopefully restore all that was lost in the way.  This Christmas season will be spent reflecting on the past year's events and drawing from these experiences the wealth of wisdom for their passing by my life.

I'll be running down in my thoughts the reasons for things that happened.  How they could have been better.  People I could have understood better.  Decisions that didn't make sense.  How I could have been better at managing myself.  How I could have kept my faith from shaking.  And how I can keep on being rooted in a firm foundation as I walk on. 

I submit myself to the sculpting hands of the Potter as He makes sense out of these things that seemed to draw crooked lines on my path and I receive the graceful moments of living everyday under His gaze.  Though this journey has brought a lot of tension in me I am slowly understanding that these temporary difficulties are leading me into a living a life of complete reliance on Him. 

In the end, I would not have it any other way.  

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