The First of January

I never got into the habit of deliberately making resolutions for the New Year because I always thought I'd fail at it anyway.  But I sit here this morning with my bed head and night gown staring out the window to what is now the first day of the year 2013.  The streets are quiet from the night of fireworks and frenzy.  Counting down moments till midnight kept many awake and awaiting that pop of champagne or that sip of wine.  We simply stayed at home and watched the countdown on television but lit all the lights and opened windows to welcome the 1st of January.  Our meal was simple.  A slice of butter bread, cheese and ham.  A bottle of wine.  

So I may have started this year less festive than usual, I seem to not mind it.  I actually like that it has been void of the usual fuss and kept it to a minimum so I can pay more attention to the meaningful.  To the ordinary.  To learn how to open my eyes to the "grace of the small."

I'm looking at old blogs I used to read and now have been inactive.  Like I'm tracing some kind of history and understanding an old heartbeat rhythm which I'm no longer familiar with because I've just been so preoccupied with work.  I woke up thinking that I do not want to be preoccupied with too much work because there are other things I'd rather be preoccupied with like telling stories, writing, conversations, snapping photographs, finding new music, catching up with friends and family, reading pages of unread dusty books.  I found Adi's words in her old page which she sadly just left behind but today feels quite relevant to me.

but i can't keep everything in my head, in my head. it has to get out somehow, especially on a night like the one of the third of august - the only thing that keeps me company tonight is the sound of my keyboard, my breathing, and the rain. - the bottle pendant, august 8, 2008

Parallel journeys help me make sense of everything.  So this morning I'm looking at these words and telling myself that I have to resolve to do a few things.  No matter what.

A paragraph a day about what I see, experience, observe about  a person.
A paragraph a day about what I have come to understand about the Word.
A paragraph a day about realisations from devotionals I read.
A list of at least 3 things to add in my gratitude journal.
A page a day from a book I haven't finished reading. 

Guests have arrived for New Year lunch.  The day has just begun.


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