Seeing God Today

Every thought of the past often triggers an anxious thought about the future. When I look at what happened yesterday, I used to often wonder if tomorrow will be better or will be worse. It’s an endless cycle of anxiety that robs me of what God is doing today.

He says with much conviction. SEE! 

It is an urgent invitation as if He knows we are going to miss something good if we do not look. When I keep looking back at what has been. When I dwell on the trauma of what has scarred me I am not able turn my gaze to what God is doing now. This very moment.

He is doing something NEW.

When we do not feel that God is doing anything at all, it is not because He isn’t. It is primarily because we do not SEE. Seeing what God is trying to do calls for us to stop insisting on what we think He is doing or responding ever so quickly to a circumstance that jolts or shakes the ground we walk on. 

Seeing God calls us to go slow into the moment and let His words take root until the restlessness of what we think yields the need to control the situation. Seeing God calls us to suspend trying to respond to the nagging of the “what ifs”. Seeing God calls us to wait calmly for the new to rise.


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