The days have been long since I've gotten myself to post here again.  So many things have happened the past month and most of my cluttered thoughts have been chronicled in fragments for only fragments can be mustered right now.  

It's 44 minutes past midnight and I'm tuning into a place of silence I haven't had in a while.  It's 2 days since the eleventh encounter weekend with the youth ministry.  It's been 26 days since my dear spiritual mentor Tita Belle has passed away.  It's been 95 days since I decided to take on a different route with my work.

So many moments have passed and there is only one thought in my head right now.  I want to live my life with a meaningful rhythm void of haste and solely relying on the flow of God's grace.

I have been in many conversations the past few months.  Things to achieve.  Things to complete.  Things to pursue.  Things to fix.  People to listen to.  People to mend.  People to care for.  It seems like a whole new set of things to work on and despite the changed work rhythm, I think that I still haven't found the right rhythm for me to attend to all the things that need my attention.

I'm catching my breath most days.  Sighing in between sentences.  Watching the world move while I try to find words to capture my thoughts.  I just fall into the rhythm and clutching a prayer I let myself be carried away.  Believing that my Savior holds my hand through it all and leading me through the valley of shadows. 


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