Reaching For It

I am up early updating Facebook discussions about this art foundation idea and quite enthralled really by the articles I have been reading about Artists for Humanity. Susan Rodgerson hits the nail on the head. I have almost the same vision as hers except I am coming from a different angle. In one article she says, "I wanted to use my love of working with youth to empower them through the same process that had empowered me."

It's amazing how resonating with somebody can do for your own liberation. Anyway, I have posted on that FB discussion a response to Rodgerson's viewpoint saying, "I was disempowered from a process I knew empowered me. I want to reclaim this empowerment because I know what it feels like to live without it and protect this empowerment that I knew inherently belongs to young people at a stage where they are at their peak in creative development."

The impulse to create again comes alive in this very small unearthing of possibilities provided by the internet. There are so many things running in my head right now and I wish I can zoom in on all of them and take them apart piece by piece so I know where I am headed. I am feeling like there is so much to do and I have accomplished so very little which makes this mountain look too steep to climb. I suppose that is why I've never pushed it to fruition for the these past few years of wanting to reach for it.

Yet, despite so many times of sweeping this dream under the rug it comes back again and again in many different forms. But all pointing to just one thing really. Integrating art and faith journeys to help humanity. It's not such an original dream. I am realizing now that there are a lot of people who dream of the same thing. But I think what is significant about this moment is I am realizing that this dream is really significant to me. I have to reach for it in one way or another.


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