Clipped from the Commonplace Book: Church and Mystery

Reading Mystery and Manners this morning led me to Fr. Stephen's Blog.  I do not know much about orthodoxy but for most of the blogs I have read by orthodox Catholics, I have sensed a calm rhythm in their thoughts.   I feel a little bit envious for people who can sustain a calm disposition all throughout the day.  I don't think I can do that.  But I am learning to accept my frailties in that department and just focus on the things I know I can do.  Anyway, I've picked some good stuff on Fr. Stephen's blog which are all mostly related to ministry work.  I find them very insightful as I was engaged in a lot of discussions on youth ministry this past week.  I am not sure how to introduce these kinds of insights to young people.  But I pray they find them so they can walk further in the miracles of this faith life we believe in.

Screenshots from my online commonplace book (I just want to admire my new theme.)


  1. I don't recall those particular quotes, so I'm glad you copied them here. Love the new theme, too!


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