The New Year

I am not so sure about what to say at the start of the New Year.  All I know is that I find myself ever so carefully treading into this new day.  Not so hyped up about all the greetings and cheer.  Not so dazzled by the fireworks and the thrill  of frenzied laughter.   Perhaps I can say that I'm going into this year quite reflectively.  Not rushing into anything.  Not hurrying into anything.  Primarily because I'd like to begin it again by acknowledging that there is this so-called thing as unforced rhythms of grace.  Something I have started to live by the start of 2010 but somehow found it buried under a heap of busy obligations and unforseen circumstances.

I spent today by going to 7am mass with my family.  We went to St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish like we always do for the past 33 years of my life.  We never miss 7am mass despite the late New Year's Eve family gathering.  I wasn't quite awake yet when we sat on the pews but I was awake enough to notice that our beloved family parish has renovated itself and is now appointed a shrine by the Archbishop of Cebu.  I don't know how that process goes but I suppose it's a special one.  

I love the stained glass windows against the morning light.  The priest stood on the steps for his homily just the way I like it and spoke in straight Cebuano all throughout.  The dialect has always made me feel up beat and it subtly jolted me into awareness that I am before the divine in this wonderful morning of January 1, 2011.   The cares of 2010 find themselves still lingering in my thoughts.  They do not move away from the clasp of memory.  They just linger there as much as I want to let them all go and receive the new beginnings awaiting me.  I let them linger.  I'd rather not resist and fight the strain.  I'd like to learn how to deal with situations a little bit more smoothly and gracefully.  

We had breakfast in Starbucks and I envied my parents for ordering a ham and 3 cheese sandwich.  I asked for a 1/4 slice and gave my Dad the last of my chicken pan de sal.  I couldn't enjoy my Toffee Nut Latte as I usually would've enjoyed it.  My throat was aching perhaps from the draft of midnight air.  My nose was runny and I could barely breath.  But I enjoyed reading some back issues of Contemporary Art Philippines which I totally forgot has been in circulation for about a year or so now.  I made a mental note to buy me the most recent copy in Fullybooked.

Craving for baby back ribs for lunch we ate at this place called Casa Verde.  My cousin Inee took me there early in the week and I loved their huge slab of baby back ribs at a very cheap price.  We had a good meal and quite a lot of laughs.  Laughing was a treat in my family.  We do not do it often but when we do, we laugh quite a lot.

Somehow, it's been quite a good start with silence, food and a sprinkle of good cheer.  More to look forward to during New Year's Dinner with the clan.


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