The Ministry of God's Love

Yesterday I was blessed to spend the entire day with the youth. From ministry meetings to hanging out late into the night and talking about the longing to revive the fire in the apostolate. It hasn't been easy for me to come back and take this road again. There were some doubts and fears. But God finds a way to to knit the hearts of His beloved people together. Especially those who fall on their knees in contriteness admitting their vulnerability before all.

I always thought that I was only watching from the sidelines. Never quite new my place. Afraid that I am too old enough or too complex to resonate or truly connect with anyone. But there is something about this Apostolate that I've noticed whenever crisis hits it or shakes its very foundation. Love always raises it up.

Last night we talked about this love. And how we realize that everybody who is in this apostolate, loves the Youth in so many different ways. We also realized that so many people need the kind of love that we share in the Youth and are often just too scared to admit it.

My friend Aicah puts it well. "As long as there will be someone who has a heart for the the Youth, the Youth will never die."

It was in the Youth that I discovered the truth about God's love. It was also in the Youth that I felt wounded by this love because of the frailties in my human spirit. But it is also in the Youth that I discover that God's love is whole and He never leaves us unfinished. HE restores over and over again.

Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me when people gather and talk about their honest longings, we always find God at the heart of it all. And we don't always have to be perfect. We don't always have to be "okay". We don't always have to be all figured out. We just have to be be aware. Open. Willing. And we'll find our way. Together.


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