Starting Up Why Church Discussion Group

The past few days have been quite exciting for me as I realized there are so many inquisitive young minds hungrily searching for truth.  

Early this week my friend Martin and I decided to start a Facebook group called "Why Church...Add some Salt!" It's supposed to be a forum for young people who wanted to pose questions but never had the guts to ask them.  We've reached about 35 questions in 48 hours and over 600 comments.  Traffic has died down now but re-reading through the threads have filled me with so much enlightenment and vigor.  

The answers aren't really the priority right now.  But I think what makes the activity meaningful is the fact that people are coming together in an honest way through a modern medium to seek truth together.

Here are some of my favorite questions and insights from young people.

If I loved someone through the overflowing love of the Lord, why does He allow the person to hurt me in the end?

Why should I stay Catholic?


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